Terms & Conditions


1) SDP wants your event to be a success and for you to have an excellent experience working with us. We pledge to be professional, highly responsive and helpful to your needs.

2) SDP shall make our best effort to provide you with requested services and/or equipment in good working order on the date(s) and times you require.

3) SDP checks and maintains all equipment thoroughly, but in the eventuality that damage occurs in transit or dispatch, you will not be charged for any equipment that doesn’t work. Please report this to us and clearly mark affected equipment before returning. In the event that you do not familiarize yourself with our system and test it before your event please be aware that our scope for assisting you is more limited and we cannot offer a refund in these circumstances.

4) In the event of equipment variation or failure, provided your event can still take place with the equipment supplied this agreement remains intact.

5) SDP supplies and hosts many events in a variety of locations; SDP is happy to advise you and demonstrate our equipment in advance, such that you may check coverage range, audio connection, interference or any requirements specific to your event. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment supplied is suitable for the customer’s specific purposes.

6) SDP will always do everything reasonably possible to honor your request. In the unlikely event we have to cancel or vary your booking for any reason, the maximum liability of SDP will be the return of any fees paid in lieu of unused equipment.

7) Should you wish to change or vary your booking, SDP will endeavor to accommodate this at any time. If cancellation occurs within 7 days of an event, a cancellation fee of 25% (of total bill) applies. If cancellation is within 24 hours of an event, a cancellation fee of 100% applies.

8) Customer will provide payment in full prior to or within 3 business days upon completion of event.

Loss or damage to equipment

10) Customer will handle SDP equipment with care, including secure storage, and return it in the condition provided.

12) Loss, theft or damage:  If any equipment is lost, stolen or severely damaged (unusable), customer will be responsible for subsidized replacement cost of $75 per headphone, $100 per transmitter, $300 per tablet device, $25 per charger set, and $300 per mobile battery back. Liability may be waived if customer meets suitable conditions for security and crowd management.

14) In the event of a major incident affecting the headphones including, but not limited to: fire, theft and flood, please inform us as soon as possible as this may affect future bookings. You must also inform your insurance company, relevant authorities, and provide us with this information.

15) SDP reserves the right to claim for any other losses resulting from unreasonable loss or damage, or major incidents, including, but not limited to, time and expense, and loss of revenue.



16) The issue of this contract confirms your intention to book, and together with the invoice or financial estimate provided, outlines the agreement you have made with SDP. You are deemed to have accepted it after 7 days, or upon delivery of headphones, whichever is sooner.

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