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Native Denverites and founders of SoundDown Party, Peter Hoang & Carlos Padilla, experienced silent disco for the first time in October of 2013 at Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco and were instantly hooked.

They returned home determined to share this newfound delight with their fellow Denverites. Just a few months later, they found a manufacturer, created a brand, formed a business, and ordered their first batch of headphones.

The following summer and three years ago, Peter & Carlos launched SDP.

Since then they’ve supported 170+ events, rented out 9000+ headphones, and provided over 22,000 hours of silent disco to their fellow Coloradans.

There have been many, many times when they’ve been utterly exhausted trying to juggle their passion with full-time jobs, family, and all of life’s other demands.

But it’s that feeling they get when they see other first timers at SDP’s events — the unforgettable smiles, singing, dancing, and sheer joy on their faces that keeps the founders going. It reminds them why they keep doing what they love.

And that’s to bring happiness to complete strangers. Once a SoundDowner, the company’s fans become SoundDowners for life.



David Mobley - Peter Hoang - Carlos Padilla


That’s Peter & Carlos’ best bud, David, on the left who’s currently launching his own businesses in Cali, Colombia. They really miss him.


sounddown party founders peter hoang carlos padilla denver colorado silent disco company sdp owners


That’s Peter & Carlos at SDP’s launch party on July 12, 2014. What an unforgettable evening.

Here’s the video from the launch party, which seems as if it was both like a long time ago and just yesterday.

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